Chris Mansbridge

A digital expert, working with the world's leading brands.



After growing up in a seaside town in the eighties, I was determined to make my mark on the world.

When I turned 18, I wrote over 600 emails to web design companies based in London. I received one response with an interview offer -
I got the job and moved 5 days later, with my guitar and rucksack.


Starting on a salary of £12,000, I lived in a hostel before saving up enough money to rent a room of my own.

Now a seasoned consultant, much of my work over the last 15+ years has been focused on transformation across strategy and operational-led roles.

I am self-aware, curious and constantly seeking excellence through learning and growth. I have recently been appointed a Digital Trustee of a charity, and have been accepted into Harvard Business School's class of 2020.



I have been lucky to work with some amazing people and brands throughout my career.



Lead the digital operations and strategy team on behalf of McDonald's UK.

Delivered a new intranet - changing the way 14,000 Trust staff work and communicate.

Strategy and Operations

Strategy and Operations

Content Management

Created new ways of working and executed digital enablement strategies in EMEAR.

Website strategist at Cisco, creating strategies across 30+ European websites.

Managed the eShop content for product launches such as iPhone 6.

Strategy and Transformation

Worked on a site rationalisation strategy to reduce their existing twelve websites into one.

Monitoring and Outreach

Strategy and Operations

Reputation Management

Managed the reputation on social media for Stella Artois and implemented outreach programs. 

Brand Launch

Lead a team that launched the digital activation for the NCR Silver brand in the UK.

Managed and launched the EE website in the UK.

Social Media Strategy

Managed the social media strategy for Mr T 'Gets Some Nuts' campaign in the UK.

Managed the reputation on social media for BAE systems in the UK and Europe.

Content Management

Managed the website content for the Chrysler, JEEP and Dodge global websites.



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