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Hi. I'm Keith.

I am a Tallahassee local newly working in the Real Estate field. As I prepared to purchase my first home I saw a major hole in the quality of the photos showing beautiful properties with lackluster pictures. Already owning some of the equipment and skills necessary, I set out to fill that gap.


Good tours and pictures:

. Let the client inspect a property for as long as they wish without feeling rushed

- Show the property to unlimited people to maximize everyone's time ROI

- Buyers who are interested are further along the path of being sold before reaching out and those are not interested won't reach out and take up time before flaking

Personal Example:

- I was moving and offered to my landlord to do a free 3d tour of my apartment so we wouldn't have to coordinate multiple showings. In less than a day he had to take the listing down due to the sheer amount of traffic it had generated compared to the day before without the tour which had an average number of messages.

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